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  写作题目:Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: It is better to work for business owned by someone you don't know than for the business owned by your family.

  Sample answer

  Nowadays, as a great number of graduates finish their universities, they elbow their ways through the crowds in the job market. Although some hold the idea that facing with such a tough competition, it is better for graduates to work for family business to enjoy the royal roads that have paved for them, I believe that working for others plays a vital role to the development of students’ future careers.

  First of all, it is working for others that enhances our ability to communicate, a skill critical for career development. In the workplace, people spare no effort to communicate directly with high efficiency and the supervisors give advice to candidates candidly so that employees are able to follow the leaders the commands to increase the productivity afterwards. More often than not, for the sake of the company, the leaders may yell at candidates because they have expressed ideas ambiguously, resulting in the loss of profits. Lectured by the bosses, we are easy to gradually gain the approach to communicate with main points, ignoring the irrelevant parts and delivering the relevant sections, the way that better improve the communicative efficiency in the company.

  In addition, by working for others, we are easy to explore our potential. Making profits is the first step of the commercial activity for the company, while hiring the fewest employees to work on the most jobs provides such a shortcut. If we work in the company, we have penchant to carry out more than one jobs, work around clocks, all of which constantly challenge our limits. But it is these challenges that upgrades ourselves rapidly. Being able to survive in this critical moment at the younger age, we are more likely to live in any other harsh condition, like what Darwin in his theory survival of the fittest, thus increasing our chance of survival in the growing ferocious job markets.

  According to the reasons that I have mentioned above which are working for other explores our potential and enhancing our ability to communicate, I am able to draw up the conclusion that working for others motivates people, triggers people’s passion and enthusiasm. Therefore I would strongly recommend working for others instead of working in the family business.









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